Commercial Knife Sharpening Services

Commercial Knife Sharpening Services

Whether you operate a restaurant, a sandwich shop, a butcher shop, or anything in between, you know there is nothing more important than a sharp knife. You also know that working with a dull knife can decrease productivity and can lead to serious accidents.

Option #1 - On-Site Sharpening

We offer three affordable monthly plans. Each plan includes sharpening for up to ten 10" blades.

  • One Monthly Visit for $49
  • Two Monthly Visits for $99
  • Four Monthly Visits for $199

Option #2 - Drop Off/Pick Up Knife Rentals

You'll never have a dull knife with our 2 or 4 week rental program. We come to you once or twice a month and drop off sharp knives and pick up the dull kinves.

  • Two Monthly Visits for $49
  • Four Monthly Visits for $99

Our programs include a wide assortment of 10 knives but we customize too.

  • Quantity 2 - 3" Paring Knives
  • Quantity 2 - 6" Boning Knives
  • Quantity 2 - 7" Santuko Knives
  • Quantity 2 - 8" Chef's Knives
  • Quantity 2 - 10" Chef's Knives

Locally, we serve Knox, Loudon, and Blount Counties.

Minimum 3-month agreement required.